Did you know that…

  • as you read this, more than 199 tons of paper has already been produced?
  • 10 liters of water is needed to make one piece of A4 paper?
  • 93% of paper comes from trees?
  • 50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper?
  • Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste?
  • Lessening of paper usage was predicted due to the electronic revolution? It didn’t happen. Demand for paper is expected to double before 2030.
  • Every tree produces enough oxygen for 3 people to breathe?

One of our newest Enactus projects knows about the importance of paper waste and decided to contribute to counteract. The business idea is to produce unique notebooks out of recycled paper. Although the project is still in its earlier phase it already made decisive progress in exploring sustainable production possibilities, designing, brand creation and product development.

“We aim to transform
the past into unique design
that engages the curious minds
of the future”

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