Enactus Maastricht is still working on a strong alumni network.
To add some faces to our growing alumni group, we are happy to already introduce you to four former members:

stephan_alumniI joined enactus Maastricht during my Master in September 2015 and was able to (hopefully) have an long-lasting impact on the nearer society of Maastricht and the enactus Maastricht community itself. Being part of the Social Action Team, I organized joyful member weekends for the bonding and exchange between the enactus crew. Especially the reaching of the finals of the National Competition will be an unforgettable memory. Our team worked blood and tears for it but it was worth every one of it. A great thanks again to everyone who supported us. See you soon enactudes and enactidas.
Stephan Möllers, Social Action Team & Preperation National Competition 2015-2016


EnactusMaasiMy time at Enactus was a great and fun learning experience! Together with my board, I enjoyed managing the team and planning events for our members. For me, it was a transition between what we learn in university and what we can expect from our first job. The year culminated in the National Competition and I will always cherish those moments with my friends.

– Cosima Lill, President 2012-2013, Presenter at the National Competition 2012 & founding Project Member of FietsUM 2011

Enactus enabled me to connect to other truly engaged and talented young people. I am very thankful for that! It was a great inspiration and I could learn a lot from very fruitful project experiences. Enactus Maastricht knows that I am always there whenever help is needed.

– Tanja Milenkovic, International Assessment Committee & Graphic Design Team January-July 2012

Photograph_Ruth Hütte

I joined Enactus at the end of the first year of my International Business studies in June 2011. Being part of a vibrant student association was probably one of the highlights of my Bachelor studies. Not only did I build long-lasting friendships and took over the position of vice president in my last year, but I also experienced the commitment and dedication that is generated by true team spirit and last but not least got an insight on what is going on in Maastricht outside of its enclosed university bubble.

My best Enactus moments was at the annual Dutch National Competition, where I could represent Enactus Maastricht both as a presenter on stage, as well as the chair of the competition committee in the following year.

– Ruth Hütte, Vice president January-June 2013, Presenter at the National Competition January-May 2012 & Project Member of FietsUM September 2011-June 2012″

I joined Enactus during my first year at UM, and throughout the three years I have been a part of this organization, I never regretted the decision for even a second, though my motivation for joining was not the usual one. I joined because I wanted to make my father proud, who has worked for Enactus Germany, but then I stayed because I made really good friends and had a lot of fun. However, the more time I spent “enacting”, the more I realized that Enactus Maastricht has become more than some friends joining hands for the greater good. It has become my Maastricht-family.
There have been rough times of frustration, disagreement, disappointment and failures, but looking back, I can now say that Enactus not only helped me to help others, but also to further develop my interests and capabilities, realize what I want to do with my life, aided me in not just knowing, but understanding how to deal with the difficult situations of challenges, and failures, and see the bigger picture. Because, after all, there is always more than 1 person involved in each problem and each problem can be resolved much quicker and more efficiently when people work together.
They say that you have the best time of your life during your years at university. And my best time at university was with Enactus!

– Maximilian Florenz, Director of Marketing 2012-2013, Presenter at the National Competition 2011-2013, General Member 2011-2012 (Cult-Air Project) & 2013-2014 (Doe Gewoon Project)