May 10, 2015

New Project

While the waste of food is a huge but common problem in Maastricht, some people have difficulties affording healthy food on a regular basis.

After many meetings and brainstoriming sessions, we decided to tackle the problems of food waste on the one hand and hunger on the other: Our plan is to set up public fridges to offer healthy, leftover food in exchange for a voluntary contribution. Thereby, the needs of two target groups are addressed: Restaurants and people who cannot eat all the food they bought or prepared, but do not want to throw it out; and people in need of a cheap meal who are unable to otherwise afford healthy food on a regular basis.

Entrepreneurial Approach
The final step, to set up a number of fridges, will be proceeded by a few others:
1. we are in contact with potential (financial) supporters for our project. To clearly explain our idea, we already wrote a business plan which we can present to various stakeholders.
2. to make sure that the public fridges are filled according to the strict regulations on food, we are looking into the judicial standards. Especially if we want to offer private persons the opportunity to place food in the fridges, we need to make sure that the quality of the meals is in accordance with all regulations.
3. the right place to set up the fridges has to be determined, so that we can reach our target group. To better understand our target groups, we are currently performing a survey. The results will make it clearer where to place fridges.
4. to maintain the fridges, we are looking for partners. A partner can buy a fridge and the accompanying business concept from us and place it on his ground to fill and maintain it. This is an especially interesting option for restaurants who strive to become more sustainable and empower the community.

Current Situation
We are on our way to setting up a fridge as a pilot and therefore taking one step after the other. So far, we have developed a business plan, contacted various organizations and decided on a name. Right now, we are conducting a survey, researching potential legal constraints and developing the logo and marketing plan. If you have any questions about this projects, ideas, or would like to participate – please contact us at or via our facebook page.

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