Enactus Maastricht

Conceptualized in October 2008 as SIFE Maastricht and renamed in October 2012, Enactus Maastricht consists of a multinational team of talented students from different faculties. We combine the passion, experience and academic knowledge of our members into Successful Projects. As a result, we empower people in need and improve the life in our local community.

After eight years of Enactus Maastricht, our Team can be proud of six (soon seven) thriving projects, both environmental and social in nature. In the past years we could spread our ideas within our University and slowly became more popular, attracting more and more students to become social entrepreneurs.

We are proud to say that we could also prove our achievements outside of Maastricht University. In the Dutch National Competition 2016, we made it into the finals, competing against 16 other Enactus Teams.

Naturally, we encountered difficulties as well. From recruitment problems to failed projects, we have experienced it all. However, we did not give up and will continue to promote our idea that entrepreneurship and social and environmental responsibility do not have to be mutually exclusive. Today we can already see fruits of our works and are happy about the positive impact we made on the life of disadvantaged people and on our environment. Yet, we aim to achieve much more in the coming years.

 “People think entrepreneurs are all about fame and money. I was never in for either. And, will never be. This is a much bigger fight.”

Sharad Vivek Sagar, Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global